Emma Wills is both passionate in her playing and versatile in her repertoire. Her repertoire spans from the Renaissance period with which she also plays on historical instruments, to Baroque, Romantic to Classical and all the way to contemporary repertoire.

Works from V. Asencio, J.S. Bach, A. Barrios, L. Brouwer, B. Britten, N. Coste, C. Domeniconi, J. Dowland, A. Gilardino, D. Heusinger,  K. Mertz, J. Rodrigo, E/R. Sainz de La Maza, D. Scarlatti, Q. Sinesi, F. Sor, M. Castelnuovo-Tedesco, H. Villa-Lobos, W. Walton etc. and including the brilliant Concerto De Aranjuez by Rodrigo, are seamlessly interwoven with emotions through technical mastery and dedication.

Listen and watch Emma's live solo-recital recorded at the famous Studio Toots by radio Klara here. Emma's  interviews by the famous Klara-radio are available through following links. If you want to know what the classical guitar and music means for Emma than listen to her interview in Espresso. In the interview by Olav Grondelaers for Music Matters Emma talks about her 4 most important key works that had an influence on her musical carreer. The last two links tell you more about Emma and brings you to a general page on the Klara-website where you can find everything from Emma's passage in 'De Twintigers'.

Emma's interview in 'Espresso

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The collaboration between Museum Vleeshuis I Sound of the City and Emma started in 2017 when she was invited as a soloist during 'Night of the Museum', also a second  time in 2018. Their next project together was 'De Klank van het Vleeshuis' where the museum made a beautiful recording of Emma's soloperformance in the 19th century dance-hall where she plays on her classical guitar and renaissance-lute (vihuela). See the result here.

Since July 2021 Emma has taken a position as an Ambassadrice for the 'Marotel-guitar' (Mirecrout, ca. 1820) at Museum Vleeshuis. Inspired by this authentic instrument and it's history, she created a solo-program of Romantic era music that she also performs on this original early 19th century French guitar. 



Emma Wills & Lukas De Wolf

Witte Vlinders is a music-theatre based on the poetry 'Platero and I' by Juan Ramòn Jiménez. Emma Wills created this original music-theatre and obtained greatest distinction for this music-theatre performance where film, music and poetry reinforce each other into a beautiful story.

'Witte vlinders' had a first successful summer tour in 2021. One of the venues was Cultuurfestival MoMeNT where the audience gave a standing ovation (read review). 

The story tells the memories of the writer from the village of Moguer, about the encounters and wanderings with his best friend and donkey, Platero. They poetically describe the carefree, simplicity and transience of the untouched nature and life in Andalusia. In 'Witte vlinders' a selection of these Spanish poems is reconciled with classical music, folk music, improvisation both own arrangements and original compositions. 


'Platero and I' was fully released in 1917 and immediately enjoyed great successs in Spain and Latin America. Thanks to that success, Juan Ramòn Jiménez was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1956. 

Cast: Emma Wills, Sebastian Enriques, An-Sofie Moons, An Bosmans, Lukas De Wolf

Watch teaser. 

Watch trailer (quintet)


Emma and Thomas met at  the Museum Vleeshuis I Sound of the City in Antwerp where they are both house musicians. It was there where they decided to combine original historical instruments from the museum's collection to form Duo Marotel. This unique combination consists of the early Romantic guitar (Marotel, Mirecourt ca. 1820) and the early Romantich grand piano (Graf, ca. 1826).

The combination of these two instruments encouraged Emma and Thomas to arrange and search out suitable repertoire for the pair. It is through this process that Duo Marotel brings new life into unique and forgotten gems of music.

Ganymed is a musical program symbolically charged with ''Sehnsucht''; longing for another world, nature, and unrequited love. In this program Emma Wills and Thomas Boodts perform works by Franz Schubert & Ferdinando Carulli. 

For more information about Thomas Boodts you can visit his website


Emma and Sebastian, their musical taste goes far beyond traditional genres. They love light, elegant classical music from past and present, but also jazz, outspoken rhythms and southern influences. Duo Como plays, and also arranges, well-known and lesser known works by A. Piazzolla, J.S. Bach, R. Galliano, B. Lagrene, R. Balkanski, T. Gubitsch, etc.

Their first program is called Douce Joie, a colourful program full of the sweet joy of warm, blissful summer evenings and love for music. In this program Emma & Sebastian take you through rhythmic, joyful, playful, and also sensitive atmospheres with a gentle summer breeze. 

For more information about Sebastian Enriques you can visit his website: