Emma Wills (1998°) is a promising, passionate, and versitale classical guitarist from Belgium. She performs solo on classical guitar and historical instruments and also with orchestra, in duos, ensembles, in musical theatre, and so much more.

In March 2022, Emma's musical prowess garnered her an invitation to participate in Klara's 'De Twintigers' which showcases young promising musicians. For 'De Twintigers', she was featured in a series of live interview programs (Music Matters, Espresso) and a concert in the famous Studio Toots. You can find her solo concert for Klara on VRTnu through this link. Since June 2021, Emma has taken a position as an Ambassador of an original Romantic Marotel guitar (Mirecourt, ca. 1820) at Museum Vleeshuis. Emma began her collaboration with Museum Vleeshuis in 2017 when she was chosen as a soloist for several performances and projects including Night of the Museum and De klank van het Vleeshuis. Together, Emma and Thomas Boodts form Duo Marotel, a Romantic guitar-pianoforte duo performing their first program 'Ganymed' on historical instruments. Since 2018, Emma and accordionist Sebastian Enriques perform as Duo Como. The passion and technical agility in their playing, which is performed with great enjoyment, is evident in their varied and summery program named 'Douce Joie'.

In May 2022 Emma was invited by the Virago Symphonic Orchestra as a soloist to perform the Concerto de Aranjuez in the acclaimed concerthall of AMUZ. In addition, Emma performed contemporary compositions by Michael Maierhof (DE), Jessie Marino (US), and the worldpremier from 'Go guitars' by Loïs V. Vierk (US) at the Club Katarakt (Hamburg, 2020) and Transitfestival (Leuven, 2021) with the KCA guitar-ensemble conducted byThomas Moore.Along with these projects, Emma is active in the theatre scene as well. Her original theatre project 'Witte vlinders' received greatest distinction and completed a successful first run of concerts over the summer of 2021 (MoMeNT Cultuurfestival etc). In Witte vlinders, Emma collaborates with actor Lukas De Wolf. Also during the summer of 2021, Emma performed in 'A.L.I.C.E.' which was a production by Muziektheater Transparant with Belgian singer An Pierlé, Brice Soniano, Luigi de Angelis and Andrea Argentieri (Big Bang-festival, Handelbeurs concertzaal, deBijloke, deSingel).

Emma obtained her Master's degree 'Master in Music Performing Arts - Classical guitar' in June 2021 at the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp 'Magna cum laude', where she was trained as a professional guitarist under the guidance of Roland Broux, Jan Sanen and Nico Couck. During her first year of her Master's, Emma was admitted to study at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (UK) under the guidance of Allan Neave, Matthew McAllister, and Sasha Savaloni. Emma has participated in many masterclasses with international guitarists including Alberto Mesirca (IT), Michel Gillain (flamenco, BE), Laura Young (CAN), Paul Galbraith (UK), Meng Su (CHN), Göran Söllscher (SW), Rafael Aguirre (ES), Johan Fostier (BE), Stephanie Jones (AUS), Matthew Cochran (US), Katrine Klingeberge Duo KM (DE).

Emma plays beautiful spruce (2016) & cedar (2018) classical guitars built by luthier René De Bondtand a historical Romantic Marotel guitar (Mirecourt, 1820) restored by Toon Lauwers.


Young promising musician 'De Twintigers'

Klara radio, VRT
Since 2022

Ambassadrice Romantic guitar historical Museum Vleeshuis

Marotel guitar ca. 1820
Since 2021

Master in Music Performing Arts Classical guitar

Magna Cum Laude
Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp, Belgium
Since 2021

Master in Music Performing Arts Classical guitar

Magna Cum Laude

Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Glasgow, UK
Since 2019

Klara attaches great importance to musical quality and kept that criteria in mind when selecting the young musicians. They are at the start of their career, or have already made themselves known with a few recordings, and are distinguished by their striking personality or maturity. Klara strongly believes in their potential and offers them a stage with De Twintigers to show their talent to the public.

 Klara radio
Flemish Television Broadcasting, Brussels
 Translated from Dutch

Emma is incredibly talented, passionate, ambitious, and very driven. She is the perfect Ambassador for the guitar in the historical Museum Vleeshuis. We could not wish for a better representative. Keep an eye on her because she's very promising.

Timothy De Paepe

director Museum Vleeshuis, Antwerp Translated from Dutch