Emma Wills

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Museum Vleeshuis

'Witte Vlinders'

Duo Como 


Emma Wills

As a soloist, Emma Wills is both passionate in her playing and versatile in her repertoire. Her repertoire spans from the Renaissance period with which she also plays on historical instruments, all the way to modern repertoire. Her program for her final Master's Recital in June 2021 included pieces on vihuela, Benjamin Britten's ''Nocturnal'', and Rodrigo's ''Concierto de Aranjuez''.

Emma brings you her own solo programs, suitable for every music lover. Her solo recitals take you through different countries, all kinds of atmospheres and emotions with a refined selection of repertoire ranging from Renaissance to Baroque, Romantic to Classical and contemporary works. All of this results in varied programs which can be cheerful and joyful, vividly and virtuosic, playful and sensitive, and delicate and touching. These aspects are performed with the greatest drive, technical mastery, dedication and an intense passion for the music she brings.

Works from V. Asencio, J.S. Bach, A. Barrios, L. Brouwer, B. Britten, N. Coste, C. Domeniconi, J. Dowland, A. Gilardino, D. Heusinger,  K. Mertz, J. Rodrigo, E/R. Sainz de La Maza, D. Scarlatti, Q. Sinesi, F. Sor, M. Castelnuovo-Tedesco, H. Villa-Lobos, W. Walton and many more, make her solo programs colourful and varied.

Emma is also available to be booked for private events such as weddings, and any other collaboration on creative projects, where she caters to request from the client. 



In 2017 Emma was selected by Museum Vleeshuis to perform as a soloist during 'Night of the Museum'. They were very impressed when they heard and saw Emma performing on her classical guitar which resulted in another 'Night of the Museum' with Emma in 2018. 

From this collaborations, a next one followed. In October 2020 they asked Emma for 'De klank van het Vleeshuis' where she chose a space in the five-century-old monument. Emma chose the 19th-century Dance Hall which she used as her inspiration for her program. While listening to the historical spaces with their own acoustics and materiality, isolated in full corona-time, Emma started a dialogue between the monument and her instrument. She discovered the Sound of the Vleeshuis. This resulted in a short portrait/concert with old and new music, performed by Emma on her classical guitar & renaissance lute. Her program contains: 'Variations through the Centuries' from Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco, a piece with a certain sorrow that ends in a lively Foxtrot through Waltzes; a homenage to the guitar with 'Homenaje a la guitarra' from Eduardo Sainz de la Maza, and referring to the galliard dance with 'The Frog Galliard' from John Dowland played on vihuela,.

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Since July 2021 Emma has taken a position as an Ambassador for the 'Marotel-guitar (Mirecourt, ca. 1820) at Museum Vleeshuis. She is currently working on a solo program of Romantic era music that she plays on this original early 19th-century French guitar, for the Museum Vleeshuis & its visitors. On the same instrument she is playing a program in duo with a period correct pianoforte played by Thomas Boodts. 


Muzikale vertelling


Martine Van Autrijve, artiestenbureau Koortzz

Witte Vlinders is een muzikale vertelling gebaseerd op het werk 'Platero en ik ' van Juan Ramon Jimenez. De klassieke gitariste Emma Wills creëerde deze voorstelling als afstudeerproject aan het Koninklijk Conservatorium van Antwerpen.

'Witte vlinders' had een eerste succesvolle zomertour in 2021, waar ze speelden op De Zomerfabriek, de Carrousel, Cultuurfestival MoMeNT en coStA. Elke voorstelling van ''Witte Vlinders'' gaat anders zijn. De samenstelling van muzikanten varieert (trio/kwintet), er zullen altijd andere gedichten bij zijn, andere muziekstukken, andere videofragmenten.

Beknopte inhoud: het verhaal vertelt de herinneringen van de schrijver uit het dorpje Moguer, over de ontmoetingen en omzwervingen met zijn trouwe ezel Platero. Ze beschrijven op een poëtische manier de zorgeloosheid, de eenvoud en vergankelijkheid van de ongerepte natuur en het leven in Andalusië. In 'Witte Vlinders' wordt een selectie van de Spaanse gedichten verzoend met klassieke muziek, volksmuziek uit allerlei landen, Renaissance-muziek,  improvisatie,... zowel eigen arrangementen als originele composities. Een voorstelling waar film, muziek en poëzie elkaar versterken tot een schitterend verhaal.


'Platero en ik' werd in 1917 volledig uitgebracht  en kende meteen een groot succes in Spanje en Latijns-Amerika. Dankzij dat succes ontving Juan Ramon Jiménez de Nobelprijs voor Literatuur in 1956.

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Emma Wills & Sebastian Enriques

guitar & accordion 

The friendship between Emma and Sebastian arose very quickly when they both started their first Bachelor of Classical Music at the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp in 2016. They decided to form an official duo when it turned out that they excelled in their interplay. 

Their musical taste goes far beyond traditional genres. They love light, elegant classical music from past and present, but also jazz, outspoken rhythms and southern influences. Duo Como plays, and also arranges, well-known and lesser known works by A. Piazzolla, J.S. Bach, R. Galliano, B. Lagrene, R. Balkanski, T. Gubitsch, etc.

The name Como originates from a trip to the beautiful Italian Como Lake, where they had an incredibly beautiful time together with their friends. That's exactly what they want to convey on stage: love for music, the pleasure of playing, and the warm atmospheres of blissful summer evenings.

Their first program is called Douce Joie, a colourful program full of the sweet joy of warm, blissful summer evenings and love for music. In this program Emma & Sebastian take you through rhythmic, joyful, playful, and also sensitive atmospheres with a gentle summer breeze. 

For more information about Sebastian Enriques you can visit his website: