Duo Como

Douce Joie

Emma and Sebastian, their musical taste goes far beyond traditional genres. They love light, elegant classical music from past and present, but also jazz, outspoken rhythms and southern influences. Duo Como plays, and also arranges, well-known and lesser known works by A. Piazzolla, J.S. Bach, R. Galliano, B. Lagrene, R. Balkanski, T. Gubitsch, and many more!

Their first program, Douce Joie, a colorful program full of the sweet joy of warm, blissful summer evenings and love for music. Emma & Sebastian take you through rhythmic, joyful, playful, and also sensitive atmospheres with a gentle summer breeze.

Sebastian and Emma are two highly passionate musicians who share a common language on stage: Emma on guitar and Sebastian on accordion. Their performances exude joy, playfulness and a deep desire to create music together. With great virtuosity, these two musicians effortlessly traverse from light and uplifting melodies to dark and melancholic atmospheres.

Their debut program, 'Douce Joie,' has graced numerous prestigious stages including Cour Jardin De Singel, Airbagfestival Brugge, Hageland Klassiek, KMSKA Onroerend Erfgoedprijs, CC Gravenhof, Stroom 2023, Gent Festival Van Vlaanderen, Kunstenfestival Watou, OdeGand, Zuidrand Klassiek, CC Strombeek, Cultuur Ivebica, Koninklijk Cultureel Comitee Hamme, CC 't Kerkske Kapellen, and many more!

Swan Song duo Romantic cello - Romantic guitar

Octavie Dostaler-Lalonde and Emma Wills have joined forces for the esteemed

MA- Festival in 2024. Their program, ‘Swan Song, the forgotten voice of the Romantic guitar’ brings audiences to a bygone era with rarely heard repertoire and historical instruments. Featuring original works from composers like Friedrich Dotzauer and Frédéric Burgmüller, they showcase the instruments’ unique sonority and presenting their own arrangements of lesser-known compositions by female composers such as Fanny Hensel-Mendelssohn and Clara Schumann, revitalizing these hidden treasures. Paying homage to the timeless music of Robert Schumann and Franz Schubert, their collaboration promises a performance that is both enchanting and enriching.

Colors of Spain solo

Emma Wills spreads out her wings with her debut program 'Colors of Spain'. Countless guitar composers share a common love - Spain. An affection in which the country in all its musical colours appears in the imagination. Even for Scarlatti's sonatas, Spain was a source of inspiration. Its colours range from Baroque to Romanticism, from Spanish folklore to 20th century pearls and from the Romantic to the classical guitar.

She brings works from the Antwerp Emmanuel Adriaenssen, Paco de Lucia, Joaquin Rodrigo, Isaac Albéniz, the brothers Eduardo en Regino Sainz de la Maza and many more, performed on different period instruments.

'4-7-8' solo

Wills' second program '4-7-8' is an emotional journey featuring music by composers who often have more than one identity and lay claim to various artistic traditions, genres, or audiences. The repertoire ranges from John Dowland to Johann Sebastian Bach and, from Joni Mitchell to Marc Ribot.

Stretching almost 5 centuries, this program is inspired by breathing and themes of reflection, meditation, and hope, exploring the guitar's versatile sounds and creating a deeply personal narrative of self-soothing and fragility.

Duo Como


This time, Duo Como presents a classical program 'Nova'. Classical but not so classical. Emma and Sebastian are looking for their own language within the range of the classical repertoire for the unique sound of the guitar and the accordion.

In addition to the sweet summer atmosphere of their first program 'Douce Joie', they now include their color palette on guitar and accordion with hits from composers such as Vivaldi, Mozart, Saint-Saëns, Rodrigo, Bach, Glass to name a few. Always vibrant, refreshing and surprising, this unique duo immerses you in a new sound world.

Duo Como has once again achieved tremendous success with their new program Nova. The premiere of this program took place in March 2023 as part of the Apero classico series at CC de Steiger and sold out in no time! With Nova, Duo Como graced prestigious stages across Belgium and the Netherlands, including CC't Schaliken, CC Lanaken, the Witte Kasteel, and many more to come!

Echoes of Spain duo voice - guitar

Soprano Fleur Strijbos and guitarist Emma Wills create a captivating atmosphere with just voice and guitar. Together, these talented Klara 'Twintigers' have crafted a program brimming with Spanish flair, featuring their own arrangements of compositions by Enrique Granados, Joaquín Rodrigo, and Manuel de Falla. Their music speaks of love in its many shades: playful, dreamy, and sometimes tinged with tragedy.

What sets them apart is not only their skillful renditions but also their intuitive musical connection. Fleur and Emma play their own arrangements seamlessly, with a synergy that requires no words—just a shared understanding that elevates their performances. Get swept away by sultry melodies  transporting you to sun-soaked squares and languid afternoons.

Δelta Ensemble early music

Delta is an ensemble specialized in early music, with a focus on Renaissance and Baroque. Starting from old scores and books, they try to embody the image of the performing, but also singing, composing and improvising musician from that period. In addition to an insatiable hunger for study and a love for new sounds, the ensemble mainly wants to excite people with fascinating stories on stage that bridge the gap between the past and the present. 

The Delta ensemble, which are, Adriaan Lauwers (artistic director, theorbo, baroque guitar), Emma Wills (vihuela, chitarra battente) and Ann-Sophie Eiselé  (viole da gamba). The Delta ensemble also collaborates with other musicians including the baroque harpist Hannelore Devaere.

Delta currently performs with two programs: ''Il Fiammingo della Tiorba'' and ''Philippe Vermeulen” and ''Señor Sinjoor''